Has your emotional trauma
or grief left you forever


Turn pain into purpose.

Unburden yourself of the unnecessary heaviness to make room to live within your grief.

Rediscover your self-worth using your profoundly changed heart to serve others using your personal struggles as your own personal superpower.

Explore how to package your pain and grief into a space that lifts others.


Profoundly painful experiences change us in every way. They leave us questioning where we fit in and what life looks like now. They change our perspective on everything - especially the previously fulfilling day-to-day life that now seems futile. They make you feel lonely in your newfound need to be fulfilled and live with purpose. 

You can:


Find your new 
Live life
Teach others to be
Build a new version of your 

Within your Pain, it is possible:



empowered & open

dream life

I lost someone close to me and it feels like nothing is the same and I don't know where to go from here

Prior to this loss or trauma, i was a different person. my loved ones don't get it and I have to figure out how to do life carrying all of this

I used to be okay with the day to day & my job but now it feels like I have a higher calling to serve others - I'm not okay with a job I don't care about

I don't want to sit on the sidelines of my life anymore. I want to use my experiences to find a fulfilling purpose

I want to end this cycle where people don't acknowledge their pain. if we all did, we would all have the opportunity to heal.

Give me a virtual FIST BUMP if any of these sound familiar:

I have struggled with mental health issues for years and i want to empower others going through the same thing

"...BUT ERIN, i just can't get over it or snap out of it like everyone says to"

Everyone has a story. Everyone has been through or will go through a life altering change.  Death is universal. The divorce rate is at an all time high. Mental health issues have reached an alarming number. And if you have already been through it - chances are sharing your story or lending an ear could be a lifeline. There are other things about you that provide unique value: your identity (race, ethnicity, religion), your life circumstances (how you grew up), where you’ve been & why, what you’ve achieved in your life (big or small), and how you were able to achieve it, adversity you faced and how you over came it, who you’ve helped along the way, who and what you believe in, or have taken a stand for and why and how!


I am so glad you are here!


Girl Mama. 2x Stepmom. Podcaster. Personal Growth Coach. Amateur true crime detective. Empath. Book nerd. Firm believer that a charcuterie board can fix just about anything...

hey there!

BENEATH THE SURFACE and among all of the school drop offs and meals cooked and loads of laundry, I am a 32 year old who has endured more loss and grief than just about anyone at my age.

"...BUT IT HURTS and I'm Scared and overwhelmed"

"...BUT i Can't understand 'why me?'"

You won't "get over it" and you cannot nor should you "snap out of it." Your pain is valid, real, and unimaginable to someone who hasn't gone through what you have. Grief, pain, loss, mental illness isn't something to be "fixed." It is a part of you forever. You may feel broken but really, you are just having to rework the pieces of you to include this part of you.

Amen. You are not alone. You have been given this burden but you are still here and you have gifts and unique perspectives to offer the world. 

There is no clear answer to why you have lost your loved one. There is no clear answer why you get crippling bouts of depression. There is no clear answer on why you can't quit that substance. There is no clear answer why your spouse has fallen out of love in your marriage. There is no clear reason why bad things happen to good people. I still struggle with this every day.  I try to use it as motivation to find my purpose. 

"...there is no way i can help anyone or do anything useful while I am hurting like this"

How canI best serve you?

Do feel lonely? As if there is a wall of water between you and everyone else?

Our engaged online community and support system is available to you 24/7.

Are you struggling with purpose and the meaning of your life?

Are you feeling a deep sense that you are meant to empower others as a life calling ?

Our many different workshops, courses and resources can help you plant roots and find footing in your life by meeting you right where you are.

We can support you in what that looks like - whether its exploring continued education, training in content creating or building a business as an online educator or coach.

Are you trying to discover who you are and how to do life while carrying this pain or experience?

We provide you with tools to create habits that promote self-love and healing along with daily routines to lessen the overwhelm.

We offer workshops and courses with actionable steps and tools to guide you in integrating the weight of your personal circumstances in your daily life. We also tackle the overwhelm of big life events.


Start here:

The Heavy Hearts Club Podcast

The "catch up over coffee" style podcast that is helping you redefine your dreams after pain and loss.  We get real about daily life amidst struggle and  finding purpose in your pain. Hear from experts and people just like you who have overcome mental illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, fertility struggles, child loss, and so much more. Listen in as we tackle the tough topics and even shed some tears.



5 Grounding Techniques for Anxiety and Overwhelm

If you are dealing with a moment of overstimulation, high-anxiety, panic or overwhelm, utilize these EASY techniques to feel an immediate sense of relief.


Help calm the chaos in your mind and brain dump your days onto this daily planner template designed to make you feel satisfied and productive, even on your worst days.

Put your weekly routine tasks on autopilot to help make room to use your mental space on dealing with the heavy stuff.


“Honestly, Erin's story and resources changed how I will look at my own struggles forever and I feel seen for the first time in a long time. It is so nice to know I am not alone.”

- Charlotte, NY

Craft your superpower, unleash your purpose and reframe your dreams in the face of unimaginable pain and loss.

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There is power in community.

There is power in your pain.

There is purpose bubbling beneath the surface ready to change your life. 

We are here to guide you, offer you easy, actionable steps, and provide the opportunity to move forward while living in your grief.

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